B4 Villa Maris, Huay Yang Surroundings
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  • When you are in Huay Yang it feels like a health trip. Many people get up early in the morning when it is cooler to exercise. Some take a morning walk on the beach, others swim or take a yoga-class. You eat good and healthy food and spend time with others.

    Huay Yang is a small fishing village where you live with the locals. Most of the tourists are Swedes, who have been recommended by other visitors. The atmosphere is friendly and nice. Some people go there on vacation and others stay for longer periods and let their children go to the Swedish school.

    There is a driving range for golf practice or you can do kite-surfing. There are often high waves in the ocean so a mini-surfboard is almost a must. The food is not expensive, so it is possible to eat out at restaurants often. In the evening you walk on the beach, perhaps look for seashells or take a drink at a beach restaurant.

    There are few tourists in the village, which means that you can almost have the whole beach to yourself. If you would like to meet more tourists and rent a sunbed, you can go to a restaurant with sunbeds. When you have been to Huay Yang it gets less attractive to go to other places, because it is so nice with few tourists, good food, nice massages on the beach and luxury for a good price.